Yellow Softball with name Die Cut Stickers

Yellow Softball with Name


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6” x 8”

Is  your child a softball superstar and they want to decorate their whole room in their favorite sport? Instead of trying to paint a perfect circle, get one (or more!) of our Yellow Softball stickers to solve that problem. These large die cut stickers are great for sticking directly to your child’s wall, their headboard, or a canvas to hang up. You can also customize this yellow softball sticker with your child’s name underneath! It’s also a good sticker label if you keep your child’s softballs and other sports equipment in a bucket or large container. Maybe you have two softball superstars in your home, get a sticker for each of them and keep their equipment separated easily!

Softball Yellow printed with Name done in vinyl die cut sticker. Item is 6” x 8”.


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