Warning Redneck Area Die Cut Stickers

Warning Redneck Area


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5” x 6”

Do you love to play on the term “redneck”? We’ve got the sticker for you! Warn people who are entering a “redneck area” with our printed die cut stickers. The stickers warn potential intruders that they’re entering a redneck area which includes American flags, armed citizens, the Lord’s Prayer, and Country music. While in most mainstream media this is referred to as “redneck” culture, you can shake off the negative meaning with the term and embrace it with our warning sticker. Get one for all your neighbors, friends, and family as well to spread the message! This sticker is the perfect size to put on the side of a trailer, on a truck, or just on your front door. Wherever you think it has the best effect on potential intruders.

Warning Redneck Area printed die cut sticker. Item is 5” x 6”.


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