Warning GPS Tracking Die Cut Stickers

Warning GPS Tracking


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3” x 4”

This sticker warns potential criminals that your vehicle is NOT up for grabs. You may not have GPS tracking on your car, but just making a potential car jacker think that you do is enough to make them second guess stealing your car. The sticker reads: “Warning: GPS Mobile Tracking / This vehicle is equipped with a GPS mobile tracking system. When activated, signal is sent to vehicle owner and local Police with GPS coordinates of this unit.” You can prevent any run-ins with criminals by using this as a rear window sticker or even a bumper sticker. It’s also small enough to put on your motorcycle or ATV / RZR. And you can buy a batch of these stickers to keep your friends and family’s cars safe too!

Warning GPS Tracking printed die cut sticker. Item is 3.5” x 5”.


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