Warning Do Not Screw With My Jeep

Warning do not screw with my Jeep


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3.5” x 5”

Our Warning Do Not Screw with my Jeep sticker reads: “Warning: Do not screw with my Jeep / Serious injury OR death can occur!” This sticker is the perfect size to stick on your rear window or bumper of your Jeep to warn anyone to steer clear of it. Let passersby, your friends, and anyone else know that your Jeep is not one to mess with! And these die cut stickers are a great gift for your fellow Jeep owners for a birthday, anniversary, or other celebration. These are waterproof stickers that will stick to the back of your favorite Jeep through any weather!

Warning do not screw with my Jeep printed die cut sticker . Item is 3.5” x 5”.


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