Warning Crazed Lunatic Die Cut Stickers

Warning Crazed Lunatic


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3.5” x 5”.

This sticker is for that friend who you refuse to ride on a four-wheeler with! Everyone has that one friend that always takes things too far. They set up a dirt jump into the lake with an ATV and you watch them attempt it, just expecting them to fall on their face. We’ve got a sticker for them. The sticker reads: “Warning: The driver of this ATV is a crazed lunatic with an extremely large set of nuts. Do no attempt any of the stunts you may see!” And this might be you! This sticker is the perfect size to slap on the back of an RZR, Polaris, or other ATV – even on your car or laptop if you just want it for decoration. But if you want it because the warning is accurate, definitely put this bad boy on the back of your ATV. And since it’s waterproof, you don’t have to worry about one of your wild tricks ruining it.

Warning Crazed Lunatic printed die cut sticker. item is 3.5” x 5”.


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