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Slednecks Logo


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2” x 8”

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Are you a major fan of Slednecks, a company that revolutionized the sport of snowmobiling in 1998? If so, have we got the perfect sticker for you! Show your love for them by decorating your car, planner, laptop, or binder with our Slednecks Logo sticker. This sticker features the text “Slednecks” with their logo on at the end. Since all of our stickers are waterproof, you can even put this sticker on the back of your snowmobile without having to worry about it getting wet and peeling off. It’s there to stay! So you can shred down the mountain and represent your snowmobiling idols at the same time! And share the love by getting more of these stickers for your friends who are fans too, whether it’s for their birthday, a friend anniversary, or just for the heck of it.

Sledneck vinyl die cut sticker. Item is 2” x 8”.


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