Service Dog on Board Waterproof Stickers

Service Dog on Board


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5” x 6”

If you have a service dog who your life depends on because you suffer from a physical or mental impairment, you need this sticker. Make it clear to all fellow drivers on the road or just passersby in the parking lot that your dog is on duty and they should not mess with him or her. Dog lovers will stop at nothing to see, talk to, and pet your dog. And they usually won’t let a window stop them. Prevent people from distracting your service dog from his or her important job by letting people know that your dog is a service dog. They have a job and they shouldn’t be disturbed. This sticker is a great gift, if you have friends or family members who have a dog on duty. This is the perfect rear window sticker for any vehicle that often transports someone and their dog.

Service Dog on Board vinyl die cut sticker. Item is 5” x 6”.


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