Warning Armed Die Cut Stickers

Red Warning Armed


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3” x 5”

If you embrace your second amendment right and hate people intruding on your property, then you need to slap this Warning Armed sticker on your car, trailer, or even on a sign on your fence! The sticker reads “Warning! The owner of this property is armed and prepared to protect life and property from a criminal offense, there is nothing inside worth risking your life for!” This is a great outdoor sticker or even a window sticker.

Be sure to put it somewhere that a potential intruder will definitely see it and prevent a break-in. Share the love with your neighbors to keep the crime rate in your neighborhood low. Our Warning Armed stickers are a little smaller but are still a great addition to a truck, trailer, or even storm door.

Warning Armed printed die cut sticker. Item is 3” x 5”.


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