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Red Line Badge


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4” x 5”

Do you have a firefighter in your family who puts their life on the line every day protecting other people in trouble? If so, honor them with this Red Line Badge. The red line in this sticker is a take on the Red Line of Courage which represents the very last ounce of courage that firefighters use to put other people’s lives ahead of their own when in peril. This sticker is the perfect size for your car, truck, or van and could even fit on your laptop, notebook, planner, or binder. These make a great gift for the firefighters in your friend group or family and you can even put this on the back of your car in recognition of those loved ones or all firefighters who fight through their own fears to save the lives of others. All of our stickers are waterproof and will stay put wherever you stick them!

Red Line Badge printed die cut sticker. Item is 4” x 5”.


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