No Bra and Panties Car Die Cut Stickers

No Bra and Panties Car


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3” x 5”

Our Warning No Bra and Panties Car sticker will fit perfectly on your car, motorcycle, laptop, or really anywhere you want to put it for a good laugh. The funny stickers read: “Warning: Warning all female passengers must remove their bra and panties when riding in this car. Due to increase blood flow to certain female body parts when the male driver performs high speed driving. If you experience dizziness during the ride you may place your head between the driver’s legs!” These funny stickers also make a great gift for your friend who likes a good laugh and they’re waterproof, so they’ll stay on your trusty steed no matter the weather.

Warning No Bra and Panties Car printed die cut sticker. Item is 3” x 5”.


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