Moose and Bear Die Cut Sticker

Moose Bear


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4” x 6”

What’s more fun than a Moose and a Bear riding along a river in a canoe together? Nothing! This high quality, die cut sticker features just that – it’s a dream come true for moose and bear lovers! Even if they’re not your favorite animal duo, it will entertain you regardless. This wildlife sticker is a great size to fit on a larger laptop or binder, your rear window or bumper on your car, and even on  your wall if you want to fall asleep watching the big animals paddle along. They make a fun gift for birthdays, anniversaries, accomplishments, or just for the heck of it!  Our high quality, die cut stickers will stand the test of time (and weather) on the back of your trusty steed.

Moose Bear vinyl die cut sticker. Item is 4” x 6”.


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