Monogrammed Anchor

Monogrammed Anchor


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4″ x 6″

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Do you want to show your love for the beach, boating, or water sports in general? Then you will love our Monogrammed Anchor die cut stickers. Why not merge your love for the beach (or anchors in general) with your love of monograms? Take it to the next level! The Monogrammed Anchors are the perfect size for a laptop sticker or even a rear window sticker on your car. Maybe you want to use it as a decor piece in your home… just apply it directly to the wall or put it on a canvas to hang.

You can even slap this sticker on your boat, jet ski, or other water sports vehicle – it’s waterproof! If you have a friend who is also an anchor enthusiast, this would make the perfect gift for a birthday, friend anniversary, or just for the heck of it. Our high quality, die cut stickers will stand the test of time (and weather) on the back of your trusty steed (whether it’s aquatic or land-based).

Monogrammed Anchor vinyl die cut sticker. Item is 4″ x 6″.


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