Mermaid Friend Turtles Die Cut Sticker

Mermaid Friend Turtles Sticker


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6′ x 6”

Whether you’re a fan of the fairytale creatures or a fanatic about anything under the sea, this sticker is perfect for you! It features a Mermaid holding hands with a sea diver while some turtles swim nearby. This black and white sticker is a great decoration for your car or even your wall! You can even put this sticker on a canvas or in a frame for more upscale decor. And if you have a friend who is also a mermaid enthusiast, this would make the perfect gift for a birthday, friend anniversary, or just for the heck of it. Our high quality, die cut stickers will stand the test of time (and weather) on the back of your trusty steed.

Mermaid Friend Turtles vinyl die cut sticker. Item is 6” x 6”.


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