Marijuana Leaf

Marijuana Leaf


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5” x 5”

If you prefer more natural alternatives to everyday items, this might be just the sticker for you! Our black, tribal Marijuana Leaf sticker is eye-catching and entrancing. You may find yourself staring at it for hours at a time! It’s the perfect size to slap on the back of your Volkswagon bus or any trippy van or wagon that you drove straight out of the 70s. If you don’t want to warrant the wrong attention with the leaf on the back of your car, you can always stick it to your wall or a canvas to make a unique decor item for your home. And if you have some friends that would enjoy it, share the love with them and order some extra high quality, die cut Marijuana leaf stickers.

Marijuana Leaf vinyl die cut sticker. Item is 5” x 5”.


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