Love Faith Strength Hope Cancer Survivor Stickers

Love Faith Strength Hope


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6″ x 6″

Cancer Survivors, embracing the symbolism of the butterfly as a creature of transformation and rebirth, have adopted the butterfly as a representation of their journey with cancer. This Love Faith Strength Hope sticker features a simple outline of a butterfly, but the body of the insect is replaced with a ribbon, a symbol of cancer. Inside the butterfly’s wings it reads: “Love / Faith / Strength / Hope”. If you’re a warrior who beat cancer, wear this ribbon with pride on your car, truck, van, trailer, camper, boat, or even on the walls in your home! And this sticker also makes a great gift for your friends, family members, or coworkers who recently won their own battle with cancer. All of our stickers are waterproof and high quality, so they will stay where you apply them!

Love Faith Strength Hope vinyl die cut sticker. Item is 6″ x 6″.


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