Lakelife Lake Life Die Cut Sticker

Lakelife with a Golf Cart


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3” x 8.5”

Show your love for the #Lakelife with this Lake Life sticker featuring a golf cart in the center. This sticker is perfect to slap on the back of your car or even on your lake golf cart! If you find yourself basically living on the lake and driving your golf cart more than your car, then this sticker is for you. You can also put this sticker on your laptop, planner, notebooks, or binders to show your love for lake life when you’re stuck in school or work instead of enjoying the lake. Buy these stickers as a party favor in a gift bag or as a present for your lake-loving friends and family members. Or you can grab one of our high quality stickers just for yourself!

Lakelife with a Golf Cart vinyl die cut sticker. item is 3” x 8.5”.


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