In the Spring we strut / in fall we rut outdoor hunting stickers

In the Spring


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3” x 3”

Do you think of hunting as an all-year sport with no off-season? Then you need this In the Spring Hunting Sticker for your car, truck, trailer, or motorcycle. The top of the sticker reads “In Spring we strut” which refers to hunting turkeys, and the sticker features a silhouette of a turkey on the top half. Then on the bottom half the sticker reads: “In Fall we rut” which refers to hunting deers, and on the bottom half of the sticker you will find the silhouette of a deer. All of our stickers are high quality and waterproof, so they will stay where you put them. They also make a great gift for a birthday, anniversary, or any gift-giving holiday if you have avid hunters in your family!

In the Spring we Strut vinyl die cut sticker. Item is 3” x 3”.


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