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I Run


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3″ x 4″

Everyone wants to be that person who has their life together and runs a couple miles every morning and evening, right? Well if you are lucky enough to be one of those people, with strong self-discipline and will, then you have to let everyone know! Our “i RUN” stickers are the perfect size for your laptop, binder, notebook, car bumper, or even your refrigerator. Maybe you love to run but you need a little extra motivation in the kitchen. Put this sticker on the front of the fridge so you see it every time you open it and you’re reminded that you don’t want to ruin all the progress you’ve made on your runs. If you run with a group every morning, get a batch of these to give out on your running anniversary or just for the heck of it. These are also a great gift for cross country runners, track stars, or people involved in other running sports. Our high quality, die cut stickers are waterproof. So wherever you put them, they will stay for good!

I Run vinyl die cut sticker. Item is 3″ x 4″.


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