Heart with Cross Bones Waterproof Stickers

Heart with Cross Bones


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6” x 8”

If you love fun and quirky stickers, then we have a great one for you! Do you have random stickers all over your car, van, or truck? Add this Heart with Cross Bones sticker to your collection! The sticker features a heart with cross bones peaking out behind it. These large, die cut stickers are the perfect size for your car, truck, van, trailer, boat, or even wall. You could even apply this sticker to a canvas, paint around it, and create a funny piece of art to hang up on your wall for years to come! All of our stickers are high quality and waterproof. When you apply them to a surface, you can guarantee they will stay there through any conditions!

Heart with Cross Bones vinyl die cut sticker. Item is 6” x 8”.


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