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Go Barefoot


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6” x 6”

Is your perfect weekend spent hiking a mountain and walking barefoot over sandy trails? Then we’ve got the sticker for you! This sticker features the text: “Go Barefoot” on a round sticker with a heart in the middle and adorned with a few stars as well! The whole sticker is filled in with a green and black pattern. This larger sticker is the perfect size for your car, truck, trailer, or camper. You could even slap this sticker on the basket of your bicycle (if it has a flat surface!). And if you really love it, apply it directly to your bedroom wall so you can see it every morning! All of our stickers are high quality and waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about even a torrential downpour damaging your sticker. Buy a batch of these stickers and you can give them out as gifts for your friends and family this holiday season!

Go Barefoot printed die cut sticker. Item is 6” x 6”.


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