Girl Snow Boarder Die Cut Stickers

Girl Snow Boarder


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3” x 8”

Does your perfect weekend involve a chair lift and hours of snowboarding down a mountain with your best girl friends? Then show your love for the winter sport by getting our Girl Snow Boarder sticker and putting it on the back of your car, laptop, notebook, or binders – it’s the perfect size! Our high quality, waterproof stickers are great for putting on vehicles because they can stand any weather. This sticker features a female figure holding a snowboard beside her. Let everyone know you are a woman and you love to snowboard. You don’t see many women out there on a snowboard, so represent the ladies out there who love living on the edge with this sticker. Buy a sticker for your other girl snow boarder friends and people will easily pick out your girl gang on the slopes!

Girl Snow Boarder vinyl die cut sticker. Item is 3” x 8”.


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