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Eat Sleep Camp


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3” x 8”

Do you live for sleeping under the stars and eating beans cooked over a fire you started? Sounds like you are the perfect example of our “Eat Sleep Camp” sticker. These outdoor stickers feature three sections. The first section has a knife and fork crossed and says “eat” underneath. The second section shows a stick person sleeping in a bed with the word “sleep” underneath. And the third section has the outline of a tent with the word “camp” underneath. If everything you love to do is eat, sleep, and camp then you need this sticker. And it’s the perfect size to put on your notebook, laptop, binders, tent, car, truck, or even camper! And all of our stickers are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about any weather ruining the sticker. If you can handle it in your tent, then our stickers can handle it! You can even buy a batch of these stickers and give them as gifts to your fellow camping friends!

Eat Sleep Camp vinyl die cut sticker. Item is 3” x 8”.


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