Don't Tell Me How To Do My Job Die Cut Stickers

Don’t tell me how to do my Job


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6” x 7”

When you’re at work, are people constantly trying to tell you what to do? Maybe you’re a mechanic and your fellow workers critique your skills… This sticker is the perfect label to put up in your workspace. It reads: “Warning: To avoid injury don’t tell me how to do my job”. And features two stick figures, one throwing a wrench at the other. The bright orange at the top of the sticker will grab the attention of any of your coworkers and the once they see the fair warning not to tell you how to do your job, then they’re sure to leave you alone! This is a large sticker, so it could be placed on the side of a tool box or even on the wall of your cubicle. And if you have a few friends that feel the same way, make their lives easier and get them a warning sticker too!

Don’t Tell Me How To Do My Job printed die cut sticker . Item is 6” x 7”


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