Daddy's Hunting Girl Camo Waterproof Stickers

Daddy’s Hunting Girl Camo


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7″ x 4″

If you spent most of your weekends as a child in a deer stand with your dad, then this is the sticker for you. Declare your love for hunting and that you inherited that love from your Dad, without a doubt, with this Daddy’s Hunting Girl Camo sticker. It features the text: “Daddy’s Hunting Girl” with a silhouette of a woman with rifle beside the text, all filled in with a dark camo pattern. This large sticker is perfect for your car, truck, trailer, rifle case, or even your bedroom wall! Use them as decor in your home or a way to let everyone on the road know what you’re about. If you have siblings or other friends who spent their weekends in camo, get them stickers for a birthday or just because!

Daddy’s Hunting Girl Camo printed die cut sticker. Item is 7″ x 4″.


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