Bow Initials Monogram Stickers

Bow Initials


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5” x 6”

Don’t you just love those trendy Monogram stickers? We’ve got these great Bow Initials stickers! Get your own personalized sticker fit with your initials. And these stickers are in the shape of a bow with your initials in the knot of the bow. This sticker is the perfect size for a car, truck, van, trailer, boat, or even for your wall! You can apply this sticker directly to your bedroom wall or stick it on a canvas, paint around it, and create a work of art with your initials. No matter where you put it, you can rest assured it will stay there. All of our stickers are high quality and waterproof. These also make a great gift for your preppy or trendy friends or family members for a birthday, anniversary, other any gift-giving holiday!

Bow Initials vinyl die cut sticker. Item is 5” x6”


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