Camper Queen , Direct to Garment Printed High Quality Tee- Shirt


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Direct to Garment Printed High Quality Tee Shirt.

This is for 1 Direct to Garment Tee Shirt. This shirt is loaded into a $30,000.00 Free Jet OmniPrint Printer and the image is printed directly on the shirt! This is the latest technology for the greatest quality in color and Design. If you need a Tee Shirt of your own DESIGN and can send us the artwork we can DTG Print whatever you want! This machine can do shading, their is no limit to colors and prints WHITE! You can resale these shirts for $30.00 easy in your own store or your in home business, we have the best prices that you see on DTG shirts. These shirts are also very soft and wash up perfect !! Chose basically what ever color tee shirt that you want and message me with your size.Maybe even pick up some extra income from some small jobs on the side from your family and friends or maybe your school house , extra income is always GOOD ! You will be amazed at what you can do ! Be the sharpest person at the party or event with your self made shirt !! Perfect for ball teams , NFL , PRO basketball , Nascar, Motorcycle racing  etc…PLEASE FILL FREE TO CALL ME KENNIE MILLER 336-302-9218, WE WILL MAKE YOU 1 SHIRT OR 1000’S!!!!!! MESSAGE ME WITH YOUR SIZE OR CALL ME !! This is a great shirt for all you Camper Queens !! Beautiful Shirt , makes a great gift!


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