Arkansas State Flag Pistol


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4” x  5.5”

This is an awesome decal if you are a gun lover and was born and raised or just live in Arkansas . But this state is so so beautiful ! Arkansas residents  calls this sticker decal their home with pride.  Show it off to every stranger on the road! Show your feelings on Gun Rights or that maybe you have one with you at all times! Put this Arkansas Flag Pistol sticker on your car, truck, van, trailer, boat – anywhere! It features the Arkansas State Seal and  flag in vivid colors. And these stickers are waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about the rain or snow or Ice ruining them or even causing them to peel. These stickers make a great gift for local Arkansas friends and for those  that now live somewhere else because of their job or for another reason.

Arkansas Flag printed die cut sticker. Item is 4” x  5.5”.


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